What it should be

According to Greek scientists at the annual congress of the American Society for the Study of hypertension (San Francisco, California) tea flavonoids reduce the adverse effect of caffeine on blood vessels.
The blood pressure in our body is always changing and it is part of the human physiology. It is very rare that someone's blood pressure is always the same. Because we are always active and we are always doing different things like eating, sitting, standing, walking, breathing, moving around and doing so many other things throughout a day.
It turned out that after taking tea systolic blood pressure (BP) increased stronger than after taking a caffeine: at 7.7. and 3.1 mm Art. Art. respectively (p <0.01)
Every time that we do something different, our blood pressure changes and it react to the different positions that we are in.
For the mean arterial pressure to allow an organ to operate the way that it should, it must be at around 60 mmHg. This is enough for an organ of the average size person as long as it is remains at this spot. If the value falls below the average, it means that there is not enough blood pumping into the organ and this will cause the organ to become alchemic. The result will be tissue damage to the organ.
Light physical activity should take a prominent place in the arsenal to combat hypertension
The mean arterial pressure should be checked and calculated on a regular basis.


Road noise increases blood pressure during a night of sleep

Klea Katsouyanni (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece) and his colleagues argue that the road noise at night makes the sleeping person raising blood pressure during sleep, said LookInfo.org.ua. And this assertion is just, even if the noise does not wakes sleeping.
Greek scientists was held HYENA study, which involved 140 patients living in areas adjacent to the four major European airports. Participants study conducted daily monitoring of blood pressure with a 15 - minute intervals, with the bed next to each survey was also noise meter.

Results of this study show that in the case of SAD raise noise increased by an average of 6.2 mm but art, and DAD - to 7.4 mm but art. Also hanging was fixed at 5.4 CHSS blow in a minute, but this fact was not credible.