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What is truly important in life.

How Drug And Alcohol Abuse Affect An Addicts Ability To Parent
Many people wonder how a person like Britney Spears, who appears to have it all, would enter into the world of addiction. Non-addicts have difficulty understanding how Britney Spears can choose to get "high" over parenting her own children. Britney Spears with the help of the media is showing the world how an addict loses all sense of purpose and what is truly important in life.


The researchers hypothesize that Tibetans have a genetic mutation

The low barometric pressure of high altitudes generally causes low arterial oxygen content among Tibetans, yet the researchers have found that Tibetans consume oxygen at normal rates.
How can some people live at high altitudes and thrive while others struggle to obtain enough oxygen to function?The answer for Tibetans who live at altitudes around 14,000 feet is increased nitric oxide (NO) levels. High levels of NO circulate in various forms in the blood and produce the physiological mechanisms that cause the increased blood flow that maintains oxygen delivery despite hypoxia -- low levels of oxygen in the ambient air and the bloodstream.
In this research, blood flow is determined by the length, number and width of the diameter of blood vessels.


For your circumstances

Choosing A Drug Rehab Program That Works For You.
The goal of a drug rehab is to enable you or your loved one to live a life free from the effects of drugs. But since not all programs work the same for everyone, a successful rehabilitation depends on choosing the right drug rehab program for your circumstances.